What's new?

20 March 2022


* fixed bug of dividing trapez sheet in case of very long surface and alternation join

20 March 2022


* on the product ribbon added new button which let to turn off the material texture

21 February 2022


* offer pritout has been divided into sections (basing on kind of material)
* fixed minor bugs

14 February 2022


* introduced possibility to add products directly to the offer, without optimization
* fixed minor bugs

28 January 2022


* introduced file names validation while saving offers
* fixed bug connected with moving shape

17 December 2021


* fixed error with bottom start line for roofing
* fixed bug when used put comma in the file name
* fixed problem with English localization of desktop version
* to the flashing product paramater, added new position 'Any' which means the flashing should added to every edge of roof
* in the roof creator, there is new 3D view
* introduced new API functionality which will let to integrate software with other systems
* fixed bug while generating roof 'L'
* added new algorith for soffit
* modified option Product sets

29 August 2021


* fixed bug in the centering cover material sheets on the slope
* fixed bug in manual edit tool
* added points edition with mouse
* fixed some minor bugs

16 August 2021


* Modificated option with company settings,added new global company settings 'wattermark on offer' and added possibility to choose columns on offer
* Added some new columns in the table with offer list
* Some minor changes in app website
* Fixes in app localization
* In the App DESKTOP fixed bug while increasing sheets up to full module lenght
* Fixed some minor bugs

12 July 2021


* Added new module with reports for main account user
* New report with own user's offers

13 May 2021


* Fixed column width in the offer printout

7 May 2021


* the description of the sheet surface has been corrected (M2 according to the total and effective width)
* added a new action entitled "New offer"
* fixed bug on the trapezoidal sheet strip, the field with the possibility of adjusting the length of the sheet was hiding outside the screen
* improved product selection window
* corrected conversion of the offer value by specifying the offer line
* the function of importing slopes from RS Dachy4 has been improved
* improved printout of the first page (2D roof)
* on the slat of trapezoidal sheets it is possible to change the orientation of the roofing assembly (vertical / horizontal)
* on the offer printout, the surface of the modular cover, which is valued by item, is converted according to the total width

25 April 2021


* Fixed bug with scaling assembly drawings

20 April 2021


* Fixed position of xy axis
* Modified pricelist functionality. It is now possible to define price list in varius currencies and classes (A,B,C)
* Fixed bug with printing date on printout
* Added company logo on printout in the header

5 April 2021


* Fixed column width in the product selection window
* Added misiing application localizations
* Fixed product search feature
* Repaired bug, there wasn't possibility te select flashing item on the drawing
* Added keyboard shortcuts in the window with defining parameters of the slope from repository

25 March 2021


* Fixes in "Offer lines" section - problem with refreshing the list has been fixed
* In the table in the "Offer lines" section, the VAT column has been added and the 'Quantity' column can be now edited.
* When adding additional accessories to the "Offer lines" table, it is possible to add multiple items at once
* Fixed errors in the localization of the application
* Fixed bug with saving some types of offers
* Modified printout of assembly drawings (A3 and horizontal format)

21 March 2021


* Improved the display of the indicator while editing points.
* After selecting the Open action, in the window with the list of offers, the column "Offer number" was added and it is possible to select an offer to be loaded by "double-clicking"
* If changes to the currently open offer have not been saved, a question appears when opening the offer with a request for confirmation
* When closing the program, there is a question with a request for confirmation
* You can select multiple product layers on the Materials tab
* The function of updating prices from the price list has been added to the "Offer lines" tab
* In the product selection window, the "double-click" option has been added
* Fixed a bug when adding workpieces and accessories to the offer
* Corrected the problem of displaying columns for one-dimensional products in the Dimensional List window
* Added missing app localization for Polish
* Modified window displayed during software update
* On the "Updates" tab, a link to the list with the description of changes in the software has been added
* The default watermark display on the quotation printout has been disabled